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High Water Summit - Balsam Lake Run, June 14, 2014

Thom Wolf took a number of photos of the day's events and he has posted them to the TSACBA Facebook page. View Photos

High Water Summit 2014 and the Balsam Lake tour with Jeff Souch.

After one of the coldest, snowiest winters we have had in a long time, it was great to be heading back out onto the water. It seemed that winter skipped spring and went straight to summer…until June 14th. As we were assembling for the Fresh Water Summit 2014, the temperature was barely into the double digits, the skies were cloudy and it was terribly windy. Weather never seems to dampen our spirits though, and I am sure we were all confident the temperature would warm and the sky would clear. This year we had a few boats join us from Balsam Lake for the first time and in fact this year the event was so popular, we had more boats that dock space. For the morning boat show we had 12 boats in the water and four on trailers parked along the adjoining road.

Kidding...there was no snow but it was really cold, cloudy and windy. So cool in fact that several of the women sought warmth and shelter in a nearby restaurant for tea and toast. The rest of us hung out at the wharf, talked to visitors and toured the town to take in some of the other activities that made up the Fresh Water Summit.

For many of us lunch again this year meant the patio at the Pattie House. It was a great time to enjoy each others company, swap stories and fill up on great food! (The Cobie Burger was popular again this year – 2 grilled cheese sandwiches in stead of buns with a fresh made patty! Fries included but not required.) Good food, good company and a great time.

OK…out to the lake. The sky was trying REALLY trying hard to clear up after lunch but the wind in the trees seemed ominous. The further we went down the river, the wider it gets and as we entered the Lake my fears were confirmed. Some of the lead boats had turned around and were heading back to shelter.

Great…white caps….not my favourite of boating conditions. If we can only get into the lee of Grand Island, we will be fine. Great….it was even rough there! The going was slow and the challenge was to keep dry. After a quick respite in the channel at Rosedale, it was back out to the waves. For those that persevered, by the time we got to the bottom of South Bay and also deep into West Bay, the boating was just like I remembered Balsam as a kid. Sunny and calm. Just what the guys with the high powered boats had been waiting for – the race was on! I slowed again this year as we passed our former family cottage but just like last year, the trees were so thick we couldn’t see it. Oh well, it is still safe in my memories. On this leg of the journey we seemed to be joined by a 1960’s Starcraft with Johnson outboard. Hmm…not sure who that is but…nice boat! (Classics aren’t just wood anymore.) For the trip from West Bay back to Coboconk, as the sun shone on the waves as we surfed our way across the lake.

Any event is only as good as the members that participate. Thank you to all the club members that came to Balsam Lake this year The Fresh Water Summit organizing committee in Cobie appreciated up being there and asked if we would join them again next year.

P.S. Did you guys see what the weather did the following day? Warm, sunny and the lake was like glass! Darn, missed it by a day. Oh well, at least it didn’t rain and your rainless streak continues. See you at the next event!