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Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Shop Day, May 10, 2014
Past President John Gullick's Home

Photos and write up provided by John Gullick

On Saturday May 10, 2014 we held our annual Show and Tell Gabfest and BBQ at our house and shop just East of Peterborough. About 45 club members and friends attended and we enjoyed a great sunny day of friendship, food, tall tales, lots of Q&A and a special presentation given by Brian Blondin and Bob Gossling from Golden Enviro Products.

They presented a live and very practical demonstration of one of their main environmentally friendly cleaning products, BIM 200. First Brian tackled the bilge of Cameron Taylor's newly re-finished Chris Craft. A quick spray application (photo), twenty minute wait and then a power wash produced excellent results, even without scrubbing. It was great to know that the product would not penetrate wood that had been properly sealed with varnish or wax so we did not have to worry about overspray. Anything that ended up on the gravel would just continue to eat away at any oil that had dripped from standing vehicles.

Here I have taken material from their product information:
BIM 200 cleaner and degreaser is an effective, environmentally safe and fast way to clean oil, grease & fuel spills, splashes and stains. Its versatile applications help clean the toughest penetrating stains on many surfaces while digesting hydrocarbons. BIM 200 sets a new standard for cleaning and deodorizing hydrocarbons by combining the power of microbes with a unique surfactant system that is approved as biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is also good to note that BIM 200 is UL Environment and EcoLogo certified. BIM 200 is also LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and was the 2012 CASBAaward winner for safeguarding the environment.

BIM 200 can clean up oil and gas spills, grease spills, motor oil, diesel, fuel and hydrocarbons. Use it on trucks, cars, heavy equipment and agricultural equipment. It is ideal for furnace oil leaks and spills in the home, workshop, garage floor and driveway. Use for emergency applications after accidents to quickly clean up oil and gas spills. Ideal for mechanical shops, manufacturing facilities and garages where oil and fuel spills are frequent. It penetrates tough spills on porous surfaces such as concrete and brick.,/p>

To demonstrate this we then sprayed BIM 200 on to a large oil stain on the workshop floor which had been growing under the garden tractor being kept there over the winter. Within minutes we saw the oil disappearing without even scrubbing. We let it sit for twenty minutes and power washed it down. The surface oil was gone. We then re sprayed to let the microbes work away at gobbling up the oil beneath the surface. Ten days later the stain is almost gone.

Pristine lake waters contain many thousands of naturally- occurring bacteria per liter. These naturally-occurring bacteria maintain the fertility of soil, they transform minerals and nutrients in water and sediments and degrade leaf litter and other plant materials producing materials useful to other organisms. The microbes in BIM 200 metabolize oil and gas products, converting them to water and harmless gasses.

As recreational boaters we are all responsible to ensure that we leave as small a footprint behind us as possible and the use of environmentally friendly products is one of the best ways to do that.

Past President Jim Watt gets ready to cook up some peameal bacon on a bun