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Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Seveern Bridge Run September 13, 2014

Photos and write up provided by Rich Huges

On September 13 twelve boats and thirty plus members gathered the home of Bob and Pat Durrant to enjoy a warm sunny cruise from Severn Bridge to Big Chute followed by a fantastic pot luck dinner. Thanks to Bob and Pat Durrant for hosting this run and welcoming all of us into their home when the original plan was to be outside enjoying the sunlight. The dinner at the Durrant’s was better than you can imagine, and the warm sunny cruise…well, have a look.

Leading the gaggle out to Sparrow Lake

Got to love the umbrella tops!

Chris got his top for the Gold Cup finished just in time.
Whoever says racers shouldn't have tops
doesn't boat in Canada!

Docking at Big Chute.
When fellow boaters leave half full bottles
on the picnic tables, you know the weather isn't good.

A quick snack, but first to the washrooms
and hope they have the heated hand dryers!

The rail car bringing a boat up from the lower level.

Impressive when you see how fast these guys
can load and unload boats.

Heading back to Severn Bridge.
We lost a few boats along the way but everyone was too wet and cold to bother looking for them.
We'll pick them up on our way back.

Not sure if the umbrellas are really making a difference at this point.

Note the mist.
The water is cold but still warmer than the air.

The faster boats of the gaggle running ahead.
They know about the hot chilli, pulled pork
and baked beans when we get back.

Note the mist.
A view from inside our boat.
With the top up and the heater turned up,
we really weren't that bad.

Inside the Swift Rapids Lock.

Still raining but I think it is starting to slow up.

Our new boat and old boat
back together again.
You can tell by the interior colours
what our upholstery likes are.

We found these two standing under a bridge
collecting money from people wanting to cross.
Felt sorry for them so gave them a boat ride
to help cheer them up.
Seems to only be working for the one.

I love going through this cut.
Notice the rain has stopped?

The two bridge dwellersenjoying seeing sunlight
for the first time in years.
They are starting to look a bit too comfortable.
Where is the next bridge?

The slow run to Severn Bridge.

The last one in.
Still lots of food left.
The reason I don't have any pictures of the pot luck is because both my hands were full and soon to be belly.

Drying everything out the day after the run.

Jim Watt supplied this photos. Belle gets wet!