Trent Severn Antique and Classic Boat Association

Our Mission is to promote the preservation and use of Antique and Classic Watercraft by providing our members with information & guidance through workshops, boating events, and social gatherings.

Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Impromptu Hastings Boat Run August 10, 2014

Photos and write up provided by Victoria Parnell

Healey Falls, a must see, great place for a picnic lunch.

A new boat for members Bill and Pam Graham and I think he's going to be competition for Mr. Jeff Souch. Looks very comfortable, handles nicely, and of course it's a Grew.

We were asked to stop in at new member Ronny Haylock 's amazing spot on Trent River. Welcome to the club Ronny and thanks for the pit stop. Pam McDougall, Murray Parnell, Val Souch, Bill Graham, and Jeff Souch gather on the deck.

On our way back home the boys had a little chase with Jeff Souch pulling ahead of Bill Graham. The race was on to get back to the barbecues for dinner.