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Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Rideau Canal Run August 22-25, 2016

Write up by Rich Hughes, Photos by Chris Bullen, Slide Show Videos from Ronny Haylock

The Rideau Canal has always been one of our favorite areas to boat so when offered a chance to return we willingly accepted. The Town of Westport would be our home base allowing us to venture one direction to Jones Falls followed by a trip to Smith Falls the next day.

On Monday morning six classic boats met in Portland to launch. Our trucks and trailers were left there while we boated over to Westport to check into the Cove Inn. Shortly after docking at the Cove, the women managed to take a very short look at the shops before everything closed up. Westport is famous for its “nick-knack” shops and clothing stores. However, the 5:00 pm closing didn’t allow much time for the credit cards to be used.

Tuesday morning started with the sound of engines as we left Westport for Jones Falls. There are three locks to pass through before arriving at the top of Jones Falls. Luckily we all could get a spot on the dock to tie up and enjoy a swim and lunch. The Jones Falls area is my pick of scenic places to visit. You can get to it by car, but the real way to see it is by boat. After a full day on the water we arrived back at the Cove for a nice dinner and a walk through town to one of the two ice-cream shops.

The run on Wednesday to Smith Falls would be a bit longer in distance and more open water running with only two locks to pass through. Smith Falls was once famous for the Hershey Chocolate Factory but unfortunately the company relocated to Mexico a number of years ago. Even though the loss of jobs was a hard hit to the town, its overall appearance is still quite nice. Being close to lunch time we decided to stop into one of the local pubs for some food and refreshments.

The original plan was to take the boats back to Portland Thursday morning to load them on the trailers but forecasted rain made us decide to load the boats on our way back from Smith Falls. Good decision as it made Thursday morning a bit more relaxed.

A special thanks to Jim Watt for organizing this week of classic boating.


Slide Show and Video of the TSACBA Rideau Tour - August 22-25, 2016. Everyone had a great time!