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Lindsay Rib Fest Boat Show August 17, 2014

Photos and write up provided by Jeff Souch, other photos provided by Sean Conroy, Doug Barrett, and Charlotte Hughes

This year the Lindsay Rib Fest had a nautical theme with a poker run on Sturgeon Lake on Saturday and an antique boat show on Sunday, featuring the TSACBA. Rib Fest has moved from the downtown area to parkland on the Scugog River across from the lock. The park, located at the top of the lock features new docks and boardwalk. A free public launch with new ramp, docking and parking is just around the bend on the River. The area features miles of walking trails to the north and south and is a short walk to picturesque downtown Lindsay with many shops and boutiques. Following the show in the park, the boats took a cruise down the Scugog River,

Following is a report on the event from Jeff Souch.

It all started with a general enquiry to the club last November. An event co-ordinator sent an email asking if we would be willing to help with an event. The event being the 2014 Lindsay Rib Fest in aid of local charity. Well…if we have an opportunity to promote our club and help another organization with a charitable event, and have a weekend available, I am interested. There were several things about this event that were unknown – it was the first Rib Fest at the Old Mill location, the first event that I remember having in Lindsay and it was to be on a Sunday. With the logistics ironed out and the date approaching, the email invitation went out the membership. I held my breath – would anyone be interested. The response was great – a sigh of relief (any one that has planned an event will know what I am talking about). So here is the storey…..

Like many TSACBA events, there are several of us in the Peterborough area that attend. There happens to be a coffee shop not far from our house that is a convenient meeting place to form a convoy – also good coffee and great muffins. Five of us met bright (whatever) and early on Sunday morning and headed west to Lindsay.

The plan was to meet at the public ramp on the Scugog River, launch and park 12 boats & vehicles and make our way downstream to the event site. If you have never come to an event where launching and haul out is required, it is a well choreographed undertaking. We all seem to know what needs to be done – uncover, unstrap, attach lines and fenders, back in, tie to dock, park vehicle, cross fingers & start engine and then proceed. The reverse at haul out time is truly poetry in motion, but I digress. As promised, the docks had been reserved for us and we quickly put our boats on display.

The whole Rib Fest event had a carnival atmosphere with midway rides, vendor booths and of course HUGE BBQs. While the event was coming to life, several of us took a stroll through historic Lindsay to experience some of the shops and restaurants that it has to offer. As we returned to the park, we saw the end of the rubber duck race – a fund raiser that had hundreds of ducks released at the lock racing in the current below the falls to the end of the public dock. I had never seen so many duck in one place before and the winning lucky duck won $1,000 for its sponsor!

Back to the event - The food and live entertainment were great and we enjoyed our social time dining together before the run. At about 2:30 we headed back to the boats, left the docks and after a parade past the event grounds, headed upstream.

I had never been on the Scugug River before and did not know what to expect. There is a 10km zone that had us meander through town. Once we passed the town limits, the river opened up a bit and there were fewer developed properties at the rivers edge. The 10Km zone ended and the race was on! Boating at last! It is actually a very scenic run. Twisting & turning it took us almost and hour at a leisurely pace to get to Lake Scugog. With the faster boats out of site by now, we headed back toward Lindsay knowing they would soon catch up.

For those that joined me on this adventure, I thank you for making the day enjoyable. An event is only as good as the people that attend. For those that are considering coming on an event in the future – please join us, we always seem to have fun! Life is short – go boating!