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Our Mission is to promote the preservation and use of Antique and Classic Watercraft by providing our members with information & guidance through workshops, boating events, and social gatherings.

Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Member Boats - Murray Parnell
"Lady Victoria" 1956 27 ft. Shepherd Hardtop,
"The Magee" 1958 16 ft. Peterborough Jupiter,
"The Party Bus" 1959 20 ft. Peterborough Admiral, and Other Boats

"The Magee" 1958 16 ft. Peterborough Jupiter
(Owned by Murray and Victoria Parnell)

This boat was found in March of 2006 hanging in a boathouse on Chemong Lake. Surprisingly, it was in original condition, complete with an original canvas cover and all equipment. There was even the owner’s manual, and two “Good Housekeeping” Magazines (July 1959 and July 1960) - one year before Murray was born. This boat was part of the Burton Estate. The Burtons owned the Peterborough Simpson Sears store in the 50s.

Very little work was done to the engine during the summer of 200 and she went for her first ride in 46 years! In December a complete restoration began. Murray gutted the inside, and sent all hardware to be chromed. The boat went to John’s Little Boat Shop where Murray and John epoxied the bottom and did a small repair to the centre keel. The original seats went to Ship n Shore Canvas (the Truaxes), where they installed new foam, leaving the original upholstery. Murray lightly sanded the deck sides and insides of the boat, only having to strip the splash rails, gunwales, and transom. He then gave it several coats of varnish to bring into a show award condition. The Parnells’ sons Rob and Brad spent hours polishing all the hardware.

Murray had the engine paint computer matched, and had it painted to original colours in ‘base clear’ by Dupont paint. The boat was totally finished in May 2007. Its first outing was the Gravenhurst Boat Show where it won “Best Classic Outboard - Boat & Motor - Preserved”. It spent the summer at the Parnell cottage on Chemong Lake, directly across the lake from the boathouse it was hanging in all those years.

"The Party Bus" 1959 20 ft. Peterborough Admiral
(Owned by Murray and Victoria Parnell)

This is a 20 foot boat with 66” beam, with a 1989 60 hp Johnston. After purchasing the boat in the spring of 2007, Murray serviced the boat, rebuilt the carbs, and tuned it up.

His sons help polished all the chrome. The boat went to the family cottage on Chemong Lake. It also was used on the Associations Hastinsg to Healy Falls run and boat show that ummer. In October, Murray sanded the sides and gave it a fresh coat of varnish.

Then off the Ship N Shore Canvas to get the mooring cover done properly. This project will be ready for future events.

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