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Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Member Boats - Murray Parnell
"Lady Victoria" 1956 27 ft. Shepherd Hardtop,
"The Magee" 1958 16 ft. Peterborough Jupiter,
"The Party Bus" 1959 20 ft. Peterborough Admiral, and Other Boats

"Lady Victoria" 1956 27 ft. Shepherd Hardtop
(Owned by Murray and Victoria Parnell)


This boat was originally owned by a doctor from Boston who owned an island on Georgian Bay. This boat was used to transport him and guests to the island. Once he lost his driver's licence he ordered the real estate office to sell the island, and asked Cliff's Marine to sell the boat.

Restoration begins!

In 1988 it was sold and brought to the Kawarthas. In March of 1992 it was sold to Murray and Victoria Parnell. At that time it was due for an overhaul. Everything was still original to the boat. The engines and transmissions were overhauled, and the boat was completely stripped down.

Stained/ ready for varnish

She was fitted with a new windshield, hardtop sides & roof. Then after staining and ten coats of varnish it was launched on August 10, 1996.

10 coats of varnish, almost ready for the water!

Twin flathead 6 cyl. Chrysler Crowns 135 hp each

After standing his wife up on their anniversary due to the fact that he was working on the boat all night long, Murray promptly named the boat "Lady Victoria" - it was that or Box 335 Bridgenorth on the side for his new address!

"Lady Victoria"

The boat is now enjoyed by the Parnell family and friends at the cottage on Chemong Lake

Boat Show 2004 - at the Lift Lock and at Little Lake, Peterborough

At 2004 Rendezvous

After a year out of the water, and a fresh coat of varnish, "Lady Victoria" joins the Association's High Point Tour - August 2008

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