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Our Mission is to promote the preservation and use of Antique and Classic Watercraft by providing our members with information & guidance through workshops, boating events, and social gatherings.

Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association
Member Boats - Murray Parnell
"Lady Victoria" 1956 27 ft. Shepherd Hardtop,
"The Magee" 1958 16 ft. Peterborough Jupiter,
"The Party Bus" 1959 20 ft. Peterborough Admiral, and Other Boats

The Parnell's Other Boats

1958 18 ft. Greavette Utility

This boat was purchase a couple of years ago for storage owed. All hardware was taken off, giving us no clue what type of boat it was. She became fondly referred to as “the Mystery Boat”.

In September of 2007 at the Guys in Their Garages tour, Patrick Keef (Buchanan expert) kindly offered to research it from the Engine serrial number. Within a month we found out that engine was delivered to the Greavette factory on January 3, 1958. The mystery has been solved!

After visiting and snooping around Clarion Boats in Campbellford recently, Dwight showed Murray a nice 18’-20’ Chris-Craft that originally was a Utility, but during restoration had been turned into a gentlemen’s racer. "I now can’t get this idea out of my head for this Greavette!!" Another future project waiting its turn.

"Two Feet Short of a Load" 1957 16 ft. Peterborough Royal

Murray's next project... A little bit of work ahead, but what a little beauty!



Front View

Notice the bullnose

1949 19 ft. Duke

On display at the Guys in Their Garages Tour

1940s Lakefield Rowboat

"Silent Lake" 12 ft. 1929 Peterborough Craft Autoboat

This boat was bought locally in 2006 from the original owner who used it on the Muskoka Lakes in the earlier years, and up until the fall of 2006 in Little Lake in Peterborough. Murray restored the boat over the winter of 2007. All the wood and hardware on this boat is original and in good shape.

On display at Lansdowne Place

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