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Member Boats - Dick Hughes
"Olde Golde" 15.5 ft. 1957 Shepherd Junior

15.5 ft. 1957 Shepherd Junior
(Owned by Dick & Charlotte Hughes)

Under the guidance of their son Rich, Richard & Charlotte Hughes began the restoration of their 1957 Shepherd Junior in January in their garage. All the hardware was removed and the decks and reachable sides stripped of the old varnish before moving it to Rich’s heated workshop.

There, Rich put in two new frames, all new knees, a new transom and four new planks.

The boat was turned and the stripping continued until ready for a new epoxy bottom.

The hardware was sent out for re-chroming while Richard & Charlotte continued the final stages of stripping and Rich completed all the sanding to his satisfaction. The inside side walls and floor received new varnish and paint.

While the work progressed inside the shop, Linda Hughes was busy redesigning and upholstering the seats. During the varnishing process Richard Sr. decided that a more appropriate name for the boat would be "Golde Olde” rather than “Kennebec” as was first chosen.

After eleven coats of varnish and many hours of careful sanding, satisfaction was achieved. With John Hendren’s help, Rich fitted a new windshield to the old frames, the hardware was put back on and Rich completed the electrical wiring and mechanical, then put in new side rails and floor.

Linda made a new bimini top and mooring cover and “Olde Golde” was ready for launching. A test run was performed in Little Lake in early July. We took it to the Gravenhurst Boat Show on July 5th and gave it a good run on Jack’s Lake with the Club on July 12th. For Richard & Charlotte restoring the Shepherd Jr. was certainly a learning experience. They have gained a whole new appreciation for the expertise and skills of their son Rich, daughter-in-law Linda and others in the club who so willingly gave their time and shared their knowledge of wooden boat restoration.