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Restoration of 1972 13ft Checkmate MX13
By Murray Parnell

I first saw this 1972 Checkmate the summer of 1972 and fell in love at the age of 11. After going for a ride, I told the original owner I wanted to buy this boat whenever it was put up for sale. At the age of 15, the call came in and I picked the boat up in the spring of 1977. It was enjoyed at the cottage through my teenage years and later with my wife Vicki.

Once we started a family and I purchased my 27ft Shepherd, the Checkmate was used less and less. After joining the TSACBA and ACBS, not to mention having my collection of 36 other boats, the Checkmate was hoisted to the ceiling in the basement of Parnell's shop.

After meeting Ronny Haylock and helping him with the boat show at the 1st RPM event in Havelock, the bug hit me again. We had a large interest in muscle boats from the 1970s at the show, including Sidewinder, Hydrostream, J Craft, and many others. At the end of November (2014), I couldn't wait any longer, so the restoration began.

Starting with a good wash, the interior and hardware was removed, deck stripped and removed, and a full examination of what was needed took place. I replaced the seat box and floor and removed the transom, and then it was time to move the boat to Ronny's Marine. Once there the transom and Killer knees were installed, some minor deck repairs took place, and then the boat was given a major sanding. Ronny and his guys showed off their full talent while prepping the hull and deck for the new gelcoat.

With both parts gelcoated, sanded, and buffed, Ronny loaded his spray gun and off the boat went to the spray booth to spray an amazing Metal Flake finish. I lost track how many sandings and coats of clear coat were put on, but I think it was more than 10! Then the boat was pulled out for the buffers to add the final touch of this show quality finish.

With the boat now back at Parnell's shop, assembly is taking place with polished moulding, custom Metal Flaked control box and fire extinguisher, and the final touch, a pair of Metal Flaked shoes for Vicki!

The boat is currently hanging off the ceiling and the trailer is getting stripped for its new paint job. When all ready, the boat will have the 75hp Johnson Stinger installed. Then it will be ready for this summer's Antique and Classic boat show in Gravenhurst, the RPM Show in Havelock on July 18, and to show at TSACBA events.