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15 ft. Peterborough Handy Boy and Peterborough Canoe, Possibly Circa 1900

Peterborough Boats
(Owned by Sarah Robinson)

Our Handy Boy is currently for sale - $3600 with trailer / $3000 without. See our classifieds page.

We have two Peterborough craft. One is a Handy Boy 15 foot. We bought this boat a few years ago. It had been refinished. It has a 1956 Johnson 30 HP Javelin that we had repainted. It had belonged to a camp at Woodstock. Also a 1958 Peterborough canoe that was recovered three or four years ago.

Our cottage was built in 1923 by my ex-wife's grandfather who was a minister. It is on Tobin Island on Lake Rosseau. Therre was an old canoe under the cottage for years. I didn't know the make. I took it to a Mr. Roy Allman near Huntsville who builds and restores canoes. He did a wonderful restoration. It is 16' long and is made of basswood. When he cleaned the varnish etc. from it two brass plaques appeared. To my surprise it is a Peterborough and Mr. Allman feels it was built about 1900. It has an interesting history. My mother-in-law's father gave it to her for her 18th birthday which would be in 1916. It was used then and was purchased in Oakville. It has been at the cottage since 1923. My mother-in-law was married on August 1, 1927 at the cottage and went on her honeymoon in this canoe from the cottage to the village of Rosseau. There are pictures of it at the cottage through the years. It had a sail in some pictures.

Hoping you will find this interesting.

Keith & Sarah Robinson