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Member Boats - Richardson
1957 15 1/2 ft. Shepherd Junior

1957 15 1/2 ft. Shepherd Junior
(Owned by Peter & Nancy Richardson)

Photo at right shows the boat before restoration.

By Peter Richardson

This boat was bought in 1957, because a Lakefield boat was put on the rocks with a big hole in it in 1956. My father had always been a great fan of Shepherds, and I think he welcomed the excuse to acquire one. In the early years, it was used extensively by the five boys in the family as a ski boat. By the early 1970s it was not used much at all, and with my father's death in 1974 it was laid up for five years or more. After we built a cottage on the same island, beside the family cottage, we acquired ownership of the Shepherd. The best engine on it was a Merc 78, but latterly it has had Evinrudes, currentlyan Evinrude 50.

Currently receiving a full restoration.

Stripping begins

After dismantling the bottom, it is also evident that this boat will need new bottom frames, new chine, new transom, some side frame replacement, as well as the new bottom.

Dismantling and reconstruction begins

New frames fabricated and installed - March 13, 2005

New planking started and new bottom installed

New bottom epoxied (inside) and new 20" transom constructed

Anti-fouling painted bottom

Varnishing has begun

..... more to follow in Spring of 2007

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